The President of India is the Visitor of the Institute.

The functioning of the Institute is governed by a Board of Governors.

CORRIGENDUM - Regarding - Board of Governors of NIPER, S.A.S Nagar.

NOTE - Order No. F.No. 52/37/2009-NIPER (Pt.II) & Corrigendum F.No. 50013/3/2015-NIPER dated 03.10.2016 & 06.10.2016 respectively issued by the  Government of India (GoI), Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers (MCF), Department of Pharmaceuticals (DOP) w.r.t.   composition of Board of Governors (BoG) of the Institute are uploaded.

The Order & Corrigendum notified by GoI as referred above shall be acted upon for all the intents and purposes.     

The Order issued w.r.t. composition of the BoG and uploaded at the NIPER website by the Institute inadvertently, stands withdrawn with immediate effect. The error is regretted.

Prof. Raghuram Rao Akkinepally


2214690, 2214697, 2292001, 2292002

Prof. P. V. Bharatam


2214695, 2292003, 2292004

Wing Cdr. P. J. P. Singh Waraich (Retd.)


2230068, 2292005, 2292008

In addition, the following statutory bodies oversee the working of the Institute :
bullet The Senate


Academic Planning and Development Committee
bullet Finance Committee


Laboratory Services, Building and Works Committee (ADDENDUM: NIPER/RGO/COMMITTEES/2017/1930 Dated: 17-02-2017)


Internal Complaints Committee against Sexual Harassment

Head of Departments (HoDs) / In-Charge

Prof. U. C. Banerjee, Incharge (Biotechnology) 

2292142, 2292062;

Prof. A. K. Chakraborti, HoD (Medicinal Chemistry) 2292027, 2292022; 
Prof. Sanjay Jachak, Incharge (Natural Products) 2292033, 2292036;
Prof. Saranjit Singh, HoD (Pharmaceutical Analysis) 2292031, 2292030;
Prof. Anand Sharma, Incharge (Pharmaceutical Management) 2292133;

Prof. U. C. Banerjee, HoD (Pharmaceutical Technology)

2292142, 2292124;;

Prof. Arvind K Bansal, HoD (Pharmaceutics) 2292126, 2292054;
Prof. Kulbhushan  Tikoo, Incharge (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

2292049, 2292042;

Prof. Pramil Tiwari, HoD (Pharmacy Practice) 2292135;
Prof. P. V. Bharatam, Incharge (Pharmacoinformatics) 2292018, 2292017;
Minutes of Meeting
bullet Minutes of House Allotment Committee Meeting of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar held on 12.09.2017
bullet Minutes of House Allotment Committee Meeting of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar held on August 23rd, 2017
bullet Minutes of Meeting of the 18th APDC Meeting of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar held on June 27th, 2017
bullet Minutes of Meeting of the 8th Board of Studies and Research (BSR) of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar held on 20th June, 2017.
NIPER Personal Promotion Scheme
bullet Personal Promotion  Scheme of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar
NIPER Recruitment Rules
bullet Rules for Recruitment to Faculty/ Scientific/Technical/Ministerial and Other Posts
NIPER Residence Allotment Rules /Circulars
bullet Amendment of "Allotment of Residence (NIPER) Rules, 2001" dated: 10/10/2017
bullet Residence Allotment Circular dated 14.09.2009
bullet Allotment of Residence (NIPER) Rules, 2001
Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B)
bullet Annual Work Plan and Budget for the Year 2016-2017
bullet Minutes of the Meeting of Project Appraisal Board (PAB) for the Approval of the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B) of NIPER Mohali held on 12-04-2016.

Scheme for engagement of Consultants at NIPER


Scheme for engagement of Consultants at NIPER (As approved by the BoG in its 59th meeting)

Approved List of AMAs (Doctors) for the year 2017-18
List of Gazetted & Restricted Holidays for the year 2017


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