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Expression of Interest (EOI) for Engagement of Advocates (Advt. No. 03/2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ32/2019/IND17358 Dated: 16.03.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ31/2019/IND17397 Dated: 09.03.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-24/2019-20/IND17412 Dated: 09.03.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-26/2019-20/IND17439 Dated: 09.03.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-25/2019-20/IND17553 Dated: 09.03.2020)
Tender Notice for Letting out Tuck-Shop for Milk & Milk-Products
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-22/2019-20/IND17478 Dated: 14.02.2020)
E-TENDER NOTICE "E- Tender for Rotary Evaporator and Vacuum Pump and Chiller" (No. Etender49/2019/17425/ Dated: 05.02.2020)
E-TENDER NOTICE "E-Tender for Differential Scanning Colorimetry" (No. Etender48/2019/16833/ Dated: 29.01.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-22/2019-20/IND17426 Dated: 05.02.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-21/2019-20/IND17386 Dated: 28.01.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIQ30/2019 Dated: 15.01.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-20/2019-20/IND17347 Dated: 13.01.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIQ29/2019/IND17203/ Dated: 13.01.2020)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-19/2019-20/IND17308/ Dated: 20.12.2019)
E-Tender Notice T6 /2019
1. "E-Tender for Imaging System"

2. "E-Tender for Microscope with Photomicrograph"
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ-17/2019-20/IND17229/ Dated: 03.12.19)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ-17/2019-20/IND17228/ Dated: 15.11.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ-18/2019-20/IND17237/ Dated: 15.11.2019)

CORRIGENDUM: E-Tender Notice for "Laboratory Spray Dryer"

E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender46/2019/16845/ Dated: 08.11.19) "E-Tender for Laboratory Spray Dryer"

E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender47/2019/16833/ Dated: 08.11.19) "E-Tender for Differential Scanning Colorimetry"
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender45/2019/17226/ Dated: 08.11.19) "E- Tender for Liquid Nitrogen Tank"
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-16/2019-20/IND17229/ Dated: 07.11.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ28/2019/IND1617178/ Dated: 23.10.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-15/2019-20/IND17133/ Dated: 21.10.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-14/2019-20/IND17188/ Dated: 21.10.2019)
Tender for "Supply of HPLC Solvent for General Stores in the NIPER Mohali for the period 2019-20"
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIQ27/2019/IND16913/ Dated: 19.09.2019)
E-Tender for Renewal of UTM Model XG230 with Full Gaurd Subscription for 36 Months" (No. Etender44/2019/16964/ Dated: 25.09.2019)
E-Tender for Providing Installation Commissioning of Water Coolers and allied items (No. Etender43/2019/14753/ Dated: 19.09.2019)
E-Tender for Automatic Potentiometric Titrator (No. Etender42/2019/16891/ Dated: 19.09.2019)
E-Tender for Rotary Evaporator and Vacuum Controller (No. Etender41/2019/16820/ Dated: 19.09.2019)
E-Tender for GPU Workstation Computer (No. Etender40/2019/16838/ Dated: 19.09.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-12/2019-20/IND17067/ Dated: 09.09.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-13/2019-20/IND17066/ Dated: 09.09.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-11/2019-20/IND17007/ Dated: 23.08.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-10/2019-20/IND17004/ Dated: 23.08.2019)
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender39/2019/16909/ Dated: 24.07.19) "E-Tender for Vacuum Pump"
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender38/2019/16838/ Dated: 24.07.19) "E-Tender for GPU Workstation Computer"
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender37/2019/16820/ Dated: 24.07.19) "E-Tender for Rotary Evaporator and Vacuum Controller"
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIQ26/2019/IND16897/ Dated: 17.07.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (NIPER/PUR/NIQ-8/2019-20/IND16899/ Dated: 17.07.2019)
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender36/2019/16893/ Dated: 17.07.19) "E- Tender for Ultra Sonicator"
E-TENDER NOTICE (No. Etender35/2019/16891/ Dated: 17.07.19) "E-Tender for Automatic Potentiometric Titrator"

Expression of Interest for use of Incubation Facilities (Advt. No. T05/2019 Dated: 13.07.2019)

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NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-7/2019-20/IND16782/ (Re-Tender) Dated: 15.07.2019)
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-7/2019-20/IND16837/ Dated: 06.07.2019)
E-TENDERS/ONLINE TENDER invited in Two Bid System for CMC of Existing LAN of NIPER Campus
NOTICE INVITING QUOTATION (No. NIPER/PUR/NIQ-6/2019-20/IND16811/ Dated: 14.06.2019) [NIQ for "Zeba Spin Desalting Columns 7K MWCO, 10 ml and 25 columns" , "HisPur Ni-NTA Resin, 100ml pack", "Pierce Protein Concentrator PES 100K MWCO, 5 to 20ml 24 reactions"]
TENDER NOTICE (Advt. No. T4/2019) "Contract for running of Cafeteria"


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