Dr. I. C. Chopra Memorial Award

Prof. P.Rama Rao, Director, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER)    has been awarded the  Dr.  I.C.Chopra Memorial Award  for the year 2003,  on the 62nd Foundation Day of CSIR at Regional Research Laboratory, Jammu on 26th September, 2004  for his  extensive and excellent contributions in the area of Biochemical Pharmacology with particular reference to developing biochemical and pharmacological markers for quantitative toxicology . This  award  is being  presented ever year for the Pharmacology and drug development in the memory of  Dr. I.C.Chopra the second Head of RRL and son of  (Col.) Sir   R.N.Chopra for  the work carried out in India.

The other reciepients of the above award are Dr. C.K.Atal (2000), Dr. Y.K.Gupta (2001) and Prof. Manju Ray (2003.)