Contents Review Policy

All possible efforts are taken to keep the contents of the website current and up-to-date. This Contents Review Policy defines the roles and responsibilities for the website contents review and the manner in which it is needed to be carried out.

The Review Policy is based on different type of content elements, its validity and relevance as well as the archival policy.

The contents of  this website would be reviewed for syntax checks regularly by staff of NIPER S.A.S. Nagar. 

The matrix below gives the Contents Review Policy:



 Content Elements


Type of Content









About the Ministry/ DoP/BoG     Director Registrar
2. Governing Acts/ Rules     Director Registrar
3. About NIPER S.A.S. Nagar     Director Registrar
4. Academic Departments     Dean DR (A&E)
5. Annual Report     Director Registrar



    Director Editor
7. Publications and Patents     Director Incharge -CC


Admission Notices / Informations / Results

    Registrar DR (A&E)
9. Announcements     Registrar Registrar/ Faculty
10. Job Opportunities     Registrar DR (Admin)
11. Tenders     Registrar AR (A&P)
12. Faculty & Staff     Dean Faculty
13. Students & Alumni     Dean DR (A&E)


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