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Searching Tips:

All searches are case-insensitive, i.e., the words are looked for regardless of capitalization.

User can search a text by typing it inside the text box and choosing the option from WWW or NIPER website. Then Click the command button.

A new window will open showing all the web occurrence of the text written in the text box. 


Download and Install Hindi Fonts:
The Hindi Fonts need to be downloaded to view the Hindi pages.
Download the fonts by right-clicking the file. Save the file on client.
Go to the control panel and double-click on  "Fonts".
A window will pop up in which all the fonts installed currently are mentioned. Select the "File" in menu bar and  click on "Install New Font".
A window will pop up again. Select the  directory in which fonts were copied. Click on "Select all" button. Then press "OK " button. The  fonts will be installed.
If you are not able to install through control panel then copy the font files in fonts directory.
Also in internet explorer select Encoding submenu under View menu.
Then select the More menu item. In More menu item select "User defined" menu item.



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