LC-NMR and LC-MS-TOF installed at NIPER for characterization of impurities and metabolites

In its endeavor to help Indian Pharmaceutical Industry to meet stringent International regulatory requirements, LC-NMR and LC-MS-TOF have been purchased, installed and operationalized at NIPER under the funds provided by Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India. A grant of Rs. 5 crores was provided under Pharmaceutical Research Development Programme (PRDP) by the Ministry to strengthen the impurity profiling facilities at the premier institute. The two instruments are the most sophisticated tools, as of today, for the characterization of impurities in pharmaceuticals, without involving their isolation. These can be also used for prediction, detection and characterization of metabolites.

The Impurity profiling and stability testing laboratory, which has also been equipped with preparative HPLC and Corona CAD detector, has already executed several Industrial projects from leading Indian Pharmaceutical companies, apart from making use of the instruments in internal research projects and hands-on training of research students.

The facility is available for utilization by Indian Pharmaceutical Industry at notified price-list, for which contact can be made by writing at

Picture of LC-NMR





Picture of LC-MS-TOF


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