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The foundation stone of NIPER library was laid on 24th July 1992 and by 1995 the library started functioning. The library at NIPER started in a manner that it can eventually gain the status of National Library and Information Centre in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. The library is accessible to all pharmacy professionals from the country and abroad and provides information to the academia, researchers and the industry personnel. The Library is housed in a four floored building:

Ground Floor: Acquisition &  Circulation Section, Current Journals Section, Raj-Bhasha collection - Collection in Hindi Language, Computer systems for Users, Lounge area for reading newspapers and magazines.

First Floor: Reference Section, User System for Online access to Library Catalogue, Book Section, Documentation Unit, Bound Journals (L to W), Newspaper Archive.

Second Floor: Bound Journals (A to J).

Third Floor: Chemical Abstracts, Thesis & Dissertation Section, Committee Hall


Library Collection

The library comprises of specialized collection of books on pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical market reports, thesis & dissertations, newspapers, etc. The library subscribes international and national journals in the field of pharmaceutical and allied sciences for research scholars.



Hindi Books


Bound Volumes of Journals


Thesis & Dissertations





Hindi Collection

NIPER Library has built up a good collection of books in Hindi. It covers literature like Technical glossaries, Biographies, Jnanpith literature, translated version of famous works, etc.. To promote the use of Rajbhasha Hindi, the library offers borrowing facility of two Hindi Books to all its members apart from their entitlement.

Link for List of Hindi Books



S. No.


 Volumes Available for Access


Journal of American Chemical Society (ACS)

Vol. 118 (1996) - Vol. 139

Journal of Organic Chemistry (ACS)

Vol. 61 (1996) - Vol. 82
3. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (ACS) Vol. 39 (1996) - Vol. 60
4. Journal of Natural Products (ACS) Vol. 59 (1996) - Vol. 80
5. Organic Letters (ACS) Vol.1 (1999) - Vol. 19
6. Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy (T & F) Vol. 23 (1997) - Vol. 43
7. Clinical Trials (Sage publications) Vol. 1 (2004) - Vol. 14
8. Journal of Medical Marketing Vol. 1 (2000) - Vol. 15
9. Advanced Powder Technology Vol. 6, Issue 1 (1995) to Vol. 25, Issue 6 (2014)
10. Bioresource Technology Vol. 51, Issue 1 (1995) to Vol. 174 (2014)
11. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Vol. 3 (1995) to Vol. 124
12. Current Opinion in Biotechnology Vol. 6(1) to Vol. 30 (2014)
13. Current Opinion in Structural Biology Vol. 5 (1) to Vol. 29
14. Enzyme and Microbial Technology Vol.17 (1) (1995) to Vol. 67 (2014)
15. Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 38 (2) (1995) to Vol.192, Part B (2014)
16. Journal of Molecular Biology Vol.251(1) 1995 to Vol.429(12)
17. Journal of Molecular Catalysis (A+B) Vol. 95 (1) (1995) to Vol. 395 (2014)
18 New Biotechnology Vol. 25, Supplement (2009) to Vol. 31, Issue 6 (2014)
19. Peptides Vol.16( 1) (1995) to Vol. 62 (2014)
20. Process Biochemistry Vol. 30 (1) (1995) to Vol. 49, 12 (2014)
21. Protein Expression and Purification Vol. 6(1) (1995) to Vol. 104 (2014)
22. The International J. of Biochemistry & Cell Biology Vol. 27( 1) (1995) to Vol. 57 (2014)
23. The Journal of Academic Librarianship Vol. 21(1) (1995) to Vol. 40(6) (2014)
24. Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 20( 1) (1995) to Vol. 39(12) 
25. Trends in Biotechnology Vol. 13(1) (1995) to Vol. 32, 12 (2014)
26. Trends in Molecular Medicine Vol. 7( 1) (2001) to Vol. 20(12) (2014)
27. Trends in Neurosciences Vol. 18(1) (1995) to Vol. 37(12) (2014)
28. Trends in Parasitology Vol.17( 1) (2001) to Vol. 30(12) (2014)

DELNET Consortium Journals

S. No.


Link to the Journal Database


InfoTrac Pharmacy Collection

Info Trac Management Collection
3. ProQuest Database (Management)


Library has single user license of Drugdex online database. One can search drugdex database by logging into user id and password. It is the most comprehensive drug resource with fully referenced, unbiased content covering global trade names, dosage, pharmacokinetics, cautions, interactions, comparative efficacy, labelled and off-label indications, and clinical applications. DRUGDEX spans global FDA- and EMA-approved, as well as non-prescription preparations, and includes drug summary information.



CD-ROM Databases

Facility of database search service from CD-ROMs is made available to students in library.  266 CD-ROMs cover different subject areas such as Pharmacology, Chemistry, Management, IPR, etc.

Library Services

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


The OPAC provides accessibility to bibliographic databases where users can find specific information online. The OPAC system includes a word-based search facility using Boolean operators ('OR', 'AND' and 'AND NOT') that can narrow down a search to meet very specific needs. The search is also facilitated by using truncation and parentheses. Users can perform search through title, author, subject/keyword, call number, publisher and place. Users can find additional information from OPAC, which are:

  • Periodic list of new additions to the library.
  • Documents checked out to members.
  • Reserve documents that are currently in circulation.
Online information on holdings of current journals including recent issues received.


Web OPAC is a powerful search engine for finding any cataloguing information from library database on-line.  


dedicated system has also been provided in the Library (first floor) for accessing the Catalogue through Libsys OPAC.


Additional Information Services:

  • Lending Service

  • Reference Service

  • Document Delivery Service

  • Reprographic Service

  • Binding Facility

  • Newspaper Clipping Service

  • Resource sharing / Inter Library Loan


Library Hours:

Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

(Library will remain close on Holidays as per NIPER's List)


Services Timings:

Circulation: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Photocopy: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Library Membership

All the students, faculty members and employees of the NIPER are eligible for membership of the library.  At present, Library is catering to the information needs of more than 1000 users.


Membership for Outsiders


Membership Categories

Application Form



Corporate membership

Corporate Membership form

i) Photocopy of Print resources,

ii) Inter Library Loan through DELNET,

iii) Current awareness service

Institutional  Membership (Univ./Colleges)

Institutional Membership form

i) Photocopy of Print resources,

ii) Inter Library Loan through DELNET,

iii) Current awareness service

Individual Membership (Students/Faculty/Scientist)     

Individual Membership form

i) Consultation

ii) Photocopy of Print resources


Library Hours for Outsiders:                                                                               

Monday to Friday- 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

(For outsiders access to Library is not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, and all National Holidays)

Library E-mail: library[at]


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