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Department of Pharmacoinformatics
DISCLAIMER: This Tool is intended for research purposes only and not for any commercial use. It is a non-profit service to the academic and non-academic scientific community such as IP consultants firms and start-up etc. The results provided are retrieved from publicly available  online web resource (Google Patents) which are not in any way under our control. We cannot, therefore, be held responsible for the content or accuracy of external pages.
IPAT Visualizer Analysis Tools
IPAT is a patent data retrieval and analysis tool
It is a freely accessible user friendly, independent tool compatible for Windows based systems or work stations. It consist of
IPAT Compiler: Extract specific bibliographic patent information in a predetermined order into an excel sheet
IPAT Visualizer: Generate various patent maps from the selected patent portfolio analysis.
The results are retrieved form Google patents into an excel sheet in .CVS format.
The general Analysis Tool include

1. Assignee Analysis
2. Inventor analysis
3. Publication Type
4. Geographical Analysis
The Technology Analysis Tool  include

1. IPC: Patent Classification Analysis
2. CPC: Patent Classification Analysis
3. EPC: Patent Classification Analysis
4. US: Patent Classification Analysis
The Trend Analysis Tool include

1. Trend of Priority Year
2. Trend of Application Year
3. Trend of Publication Year
4. Combine Trends
The Citation Analysis Tool include

1. Forward Citation Analysis
2. Backward Citation Analysis
3. Non-Patent Citation Analysis
Please download the IPAT file
Note: To run the IPAT Software Microsoft .NET Framework 4 should be installed in your PC
Microsoft .NET Framework 4
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