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On-going Extramural Research Projects

Project Code

Principal Investigator (PI), Co-PI, if any




Title of the Project


 Amount Received

(INR (in Lacs.))

GP-252 Dr. U. C. Banerjee - - - 419.82
GP-398 Dr. M. E. Sobhia DST The challenges of new drug discovery for oral anti diabetic drugs: Molecular dynamics simulations, pharmacophore modeling and molecular design of PTP1B allosteric inhibitors. Details 25.00
GP-399 Dr. M. E. Sobhia CSIR Studies on PTPIB allosteric inhibitors: In silico design, biological applications and protein crystallization. Details 14.82
GP-400 Dr. Arvind K Bansal DST Development and evaluation of Nanocrystalline Solid Dispersion of a poorly water soluble drug. Details 17.00
GP-401 Dr. J. K. Laha SERB

Development of metal - catalyzed domino synthesis of azafluorenes and its applications in the synthesis of compounds potential as aromatase inhibitors, natural product, and in the discovery of new amine protecting group.

Details 46.50
GP-404 Dr. A. H. Pande DST

Generation and characterization of improved variant(s) of SsoPox enzyme as organophoaphate - degrading agent.

Details 25.00
GP-405 Dr. Sankar K. Guchhait CSIR

Natural product inspired novel heterocyclic antitubulin anticancer agents: Design, synthesis and bio - evaluation studies.

Details 10.50

Dr. Arvind K Bansal

Dr. A.T. Sangamwar (Co-PI)


Nanocrystalline solid dispersion of polyphenols (curcumin and hesperetin) with enhanced oral bioavailability for cancer treatment.

Details 11.88
GP-407 Dr. Ipsita Roy SERB

Exploring the role of aging on chaperone - mediated protein folding in a yeast model of Huntington's disease.

Details 26.25
GP-408 Dr. P. V. Bharatam


Multiscale modelling of pharmaceutically relevant drug dendrimer nano scale complexes.

Details 40.00
GP-409 Dr. Inder Pal Singh DIHAR-DRDO

Biologically active secondary metabolites from Codonopsis clematidea of trans Himalayas.

Details 6.50
GP-410 Dr. Ipsita Roy DBT

Regulated expression of RNA aptamers for inhibition of protein aggregation.

Details 36.98

Dr. Inder Pal Singh, Sanjai Saxena (Thapar University, Patiala)

Dr. Manmohan Chhibber (Co-PI)


Isolation and characterization of xanthine oxidase inhibitors from endophytic fungi for treatment of hyperurecemia and gout.

Details 13.70

Dr. Dipika Bansal

Dr. Prabha Garg (Co-PI)


Comparative efficacy, safety and Generalized cost-effectiveness of commonly used medications in Chronic Low Back Pain: A Bayesian multiple treatment comparison analysis.

Details 4.21
GP-413 Dr. K B Tikoo SERB

Elucidation of role of DNA methylation in emergence of insulin resistance.

Details 23.95
GP-414 Dr. G. B. Jena DST Influence of Nrf2-ARE signaling pathways on the genetic and epigenetic modifications in the germ cells of diabetic rat: Role of zinc and selenium. Details 10.53
GP-415 Dr. Arvind K Bansal BIRAC Enhancement of oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs using NanoCrySP* technology, *A patented nanocrystalline solid dispersion technology platform developed at NIPER, S.A.S. Nagar. Details 31.10
GP-416 Dr. Sankar K. Guchhait SERB Switch in mode of action of Ellipticine with Etoposide-inspired structural modulation: Towards exploration of new molecular motifs as potential anticancer agents. Details 27.35
GP-417 Dr. A. T. Sangamwar DBT Computational and in vitro screening of bioflavonoids for selective P-gp inhibition. Details 15.40
GP-418 Dr. Chaaya Iyengar DBT (NWBA) Mutagenesis of M.tuberculosis Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (M.tb GAPDH) to identify key residues involved in protein multifunctionality. Details 5.00

Dr. Chaaya Iyengar

Dr. Ipsita Roy (Co-PI)

DBT Regulation and Mechanism of M.tb Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in transferrin iron uptake. Details 24.77

Prof. I. P. Singh, Dr. Dharamvir Arya (AIIMS, New Delhi)
Dr. Kulbhushan Tikoo, Prof. Arvind Bansal, Dr. Dinesh
Kumar (IHBT)



Prof. Kamlesh Bhutani, Prof. Sanjay Jachak,

Dr. Mahesh Gupta (IHBT), Dr. G. B. Jena,

Dr. Ashok Singh (IHBT),

Dr. Ruma Ray (AIIMS), Dr. Tapas Nag (AIIMS), Dr. Jagriti Bhatia (AIIMS)


DBT Development of herbal formulations from Seabuckthorn. Details 98.89
GP-421 Dr. Sanyog Jain DST Lipid conjugate based & nontech driven approaches for oral /systemic delivery of amphotericin B in efficient management of visceral leishmaniasis & systemic fungal infection. Details 37.07
GP-422 Dr. Arvind K Bansal ICMR Pre-clinical Development of Penicillin Drug Delivery System for Prophylaxis of Rheumatic Heart Disease. Details 32.24
GP-423 Dr. Chaaya Iyengar DST Lactoferrin mediated iron uptake via Mycobacterium tuberculosis Glyceraldehyde-3-phophate dehydrogenase. Details 7.62
GP-424 Dr. Sanyog Jain BIRAC SRISTI GYTI Design and development of novel protein stabilized multiple emulsion with permeation enhancer to improve oral bioavailability of insulin. Details 3.75

Dr. Sanyog Jain

Dr. Rajan Swamy (Post Doc)

SERB Advanced non viral nano-nucleotherapeutics to enhance gene silencing through localised cytoplasmic delivery. Details 9.60

Dr. Gaurav Parashar

Dr. K B Tikoo (Mentor)

SERB Development of RNA aptamer conjugated nanoparticle-5hmdC and 5fdC targeting cytidine deaminase expressing cancer cells. Details 18.70
CNF-162 Dr. Saima Malik SERB Synthesis of Marine Alkaloid Mansouramycin D and Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) study. Details 9.60


Projects Completed

Title of the Project Funding Agency Principal Investigator (PI) / Co-PIs Duration

Amount Received

(INR (in Lacs.))

Stereoselective synthesis of chiral alcohols of pharmaceutical importance via microbial oxidoreductases: Process development and scale-up (Multi-Institutional) DBT Dr. U. C. Banerjee (Multi-Institutional) 2013-2016 80.0
Studies on anti-tumor and radioprotective potential of Potentila fulgens Wall ex Hook and characterization of its active compounds DBT Dr. U. C. Banerjee 2011-2014 83.0
Enantioselective enzymatic synthesis of (S)-1-bromo-3-chloro- 2-propanol, an intermediate for the chiral drugs CSIR Dr. U. C. Banerjee 2010-2013 20.0
Enhancement of oral bioavailability of melatonin and evaluation of radio-protective efficacy in mice INMAS-DRDO Dr. Arvind K Bansal Completed in December 2014  
Design and characterization of nano-crystalline solid dispersions DBT Dr. Arvind K Bansal Completed in 2010  
Salt forms for optimization of biopharmaceutical properties of drug substances DST Dr. Arvind K Bansal Completed in 2009  
Development of optimized formulations of curcumin DBT Dr. Arvind K Bansal Completed in 2009  
Identification of potential anti-HIV natural product analogs using molecular docking and medicinal chemistry approaches DBT, ICMR Dr. Inder Pal Singh May, 2013-April, 2017 80.30
Isolation of anthocyanins from berries University of Louisville Dr. Inder Pal Singh January, 2007 -June, 2015



Comparative chemoprofiling, isolation and characterization of secondary metabolites of Rhodiola imbricata and Rhodiola heterodanta DIHAR-DRDO Dr. Inder Pal Singh October, 2011-September, 2014 9.50

Natural product inspired novel heterocyclic antitubulin anticancer agents: Design, synthesis and bio-evaluation studies


Dr. Sankar K. Guchhait

October, 2014 (3 years)


The relevance of host and Mycobacterial GAPDH during infection. DST Dr. Chaaya Iyengar July 2013-2016 38.10
Role of Mycobacterial GAPDH in Iron uptake. DBT Dr. Chaaya Iyengar November 2010-2014 52.49
Role of GAPDH as a multifunctional protein in Dendritic cells. DST Women's Scientist Scheme (A) project Dr. Chaaya Iyengar August 2006- August 2009 16.08

Development of smart nanoconstructs as non-viral vectors for site specific gene delivery

Indian National Science Academy (INSA)

Dr. Sanyog Jain

November, 2012 - October, 2015


Development of smart nanocarriers for oral vaccine delivery

DBT under Nanotechnology Programme

Dr. Sanyog Jain

April, 2010 - June, 2015


Development and Characterization of functionalized carbon nanotubes for tumor drug targeting and therapy

ICMR under Nanomedicine Program

Dr. Sanyog Jain

November, 2010 - October, 2013


Design of polyelectrolyte coated multilayered liposomes (stable liposomes) for oral insulin delivery

DST-SYSP programme

Dr. Sanyog Jain

April, 2010 - March, 2013


Centre for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology


Dr. Sanyog Jain/ Dr. Arvind K. Bansal

July, 2008 - June, 2012


Role of sirtuins in modulating cell metabolism in Leishmania donovani and its potential as chemotherapeutic target.


Dr. Sushma Singh

February, 2014 (03 years)


Characterization of eukaryotic initiation factor 5a of Leishmania donovani and its efficacy as drug target.


Dr. Sushma Singh

2015 (03 years)


A program project proposal for target specific drug discovery research against Kala Azar

 Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) (Govt. of  India)

Multi-PI project

April 2017, 03 years



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